Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Barracuda Bait

Sarah Palin quickly made it big time, or at least pop time and down and dirty.

A search on her at Cafe Press shows she's into the t-shirt/button/thong cycle. Many are favorable (YES SHE CAN!), a few salacious (something about more Bush and another about McCain/MILF '08), and a few wordy (Sorry, Sarah. I don't vote for a woman just because she's a woman). At last check, there were nearly 2,500 designs for purchase.

No one is surprised that Republicans try to turn her pending nomination into a gender issue. The clear aim is to grab disaffected Dems who wanted Hillary Clinton. Over at Left Ahead!, we kicked this can up and down the hall in our podcast. Ryan, Lynne and I also think Palin is laughably incompetent and inexperienced, which has nothing to do with her gender.

She's up tonight at the GOP convention. To get and stay on the ticket, she'll have to convince the assembled that she has enough brainpower to do the job. It won't hurt her at all if she can somehow please the right-wing while convincing everyone else that she won't be sidetracked by her anti-choice, anti-sex-ed, anti-evolution, pro-death penalty, pro-NRA stances as well as the history of financial mismanagement and the pending legal action against her. (The second link requires free registration to the Financial Times. )

At the moment, the media is in a frenzy over Sara Barracuda, as she was known in high-school for her competitive nature in sports and school. Her babies, her teen daughters, blah blah blah.

Sarah should be so lucky as those minor distractions to be her problems. Instead, she faces two mountains tonight — her terrible inexperience and accusations of illegalities and unethical behaviors. If she can't jump those obstacles, she's out of there.

Follow-up: See post-speech comments here.

I for one hope that John McCain and the GOP leadership bullheadedly stick with her. She's a weight belt of increasing pull on the ticket. Let 'em sink.

Over at Left Ahead! my thoughts were not on the rumors, charges and wispy résumé. Instead, what does it say about McCain?

Some call the move shrewd. Others say it shows how desperate the GOP is. I say that McCain is no maverick. Instead, he is far too impulsive. His Palin pick is a stupid gamble. She does not deserve to be first in line behind the president. That he would make the choice says he'll make other such major decisions on a whim. That could mean war and terrible domestic policies. We don't need an impulsive imp in charge.

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