Thursday, November 02, 2006

Healey Can't (Won't) Find Roxbury

Ya'd think the foundering Republican bozoette would do what she could to woo voters in the past two weeks of the campaign. Apparently that does not include rubbing pointy elbows with Black folk in Boston, according to the November 2nd lead in the Boston-Bay State Banner.

The people Kerry Healey would claim she'll protect met last Thursday in the form of representatives from all over the state representing faith-based and community organizations. They were in Roxbury Presbyterian Church. The groups in the coalition include Black Ministerial Alliance of Boston, Boston Ten Point Coalition, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, Dorchester Youth Collaborative, Jewish Community Relations Council and the Massachusetts Communities Action Network and its affiliates around the state --— the Brockton Interfaith Community, Essex County Community Organization (encompassing Lynn and Gloucester), Worcester Interfaith, the Metro West-based Metropolitan Interfaith Congregations and United Interfaith Action of Southeast Massachusetts (New Bedford and Fall River).

It would seem politically savvy to show and at least pretend to care about the urban, those of color, and those not from wealthy suburbs.

Not surprisingly, another guberatorial candidate did find his way to Roxbury. A certain Deval Patrick was also invited.

This is the second time Healey blew off the gathering. She had also been invited before the primary.

Rev. Jeff Brown, who led the Massachusetts relief efforts her for Katrina victims, put it as kindly as one could. "We have been working with the Romney-Healey Administration. It would seem obvious as the hand in front of my face that she would want to continue that work. It is so strange that she has refused to do so."

He did not say, "I guess she doesn't give a damn about people like me."

Patrick listened, talked, and answered questions. As is his style, he didn't tell the crowd only what they wanted to hear going into the elections.

On health care, for example, he heard some say that the current standard of an employer meeting the rule by providing 33% of the cost for at least 25% of employees. The request from the audience was 50% for 50%.

He said he could not and would not make policy now or on the spot. However, he iterated what he was saying on the stump, that the current requirements for employers were inadequate and would have to raise. As he put it, "My instinct tells me that a 50/50 plan makes no sense because we need employers who are not providing insurance to pony up if we'’re going to pay for everyone who needs it."

Of the many questions about crime, he said that more laws were only a portion of the answer. He pledged $80 million to cities and towns. "I called for 1,000 cops on the street because I know community policing works. We have to implement the strategies that we know work."

Mattapan resident Mona Howard recapped his evening after saying she had a better reason to vote for him after it. "He didn't tell us what we wanted to hear. He told us the truth and I believe he will fight for what'’s right to the best of his ability when he is in the State House."

Has anyone ever said or thought that about Healey?

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