Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Avast Ye Lubbers and Sea Dogs!

This be Talk Like a Pirate Day. Step lively and load your canon with pirate phrases!

Scurvy curs under the Golden Dome (arrr, gold) and merchant varmints purloin your purse all year...without raising the Jolly Roger in fair warning. Curses be on them!

Put in your largest earring and let there be swagger as you walk the decks at work.

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Robin Edgar said...

Here's a Jolly Roger that should send shivers through the timbers of U*U souls. . . ;-)

Mass Marrier said...

Arrr, matey, this link be not UU, but as Rev. Jack makes his marks, "...minister without denomination, evangelical agnostic, preacher of all religions and none..."

Ye be fair warned.

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