Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Antidote to Mad Dad

The nope-no-gay-couples-here crowd doesn't want to know TerranceDC and his family exist. La la la la. They can't hear him.

Via-à-vis our own Mad Dad, TDC has a super post that appears on his blog and at Pam's House Blend. Do look at Abstaining from the Reality of Gay Families at both spots; each has good comments.

As the post notes, he and his are that uncomfortable contradiction of the pronouncements of the Mad Dad types. Those who would construct bubbles of ignorance for their kids seem to be in cubicles and living rooms here and there. We in the larger world are seldom aware of them except when they decide the world must support their fantasies with new laws and new procedures.

The facts that show what a made-up world they inhabit never seem to sink in for them. You may pause to pity them and then continue with real life.

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