Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Uber Bigot for Lexington Nuts

I've been hiding from running anything about the New Jersey-based anti-Semite, racist winger with his own internet radio rant show. He made the national news in the past few days by falling in line with the extremists in Lexington who want to control the school system, the curriculum and library books. He went the tiny bit farther too, by calling for his readers to physically attack the school superintendent.

I research my stuff and did on this, reading the MassResistance screed and visiting the radio guy's site. I listened to his material and read his posts.

Warning: I would not recommend going to the radio site. He is a very disturbed bigot and hard to take.

However, Box Turtle Bulletin has all you need to understand this here.

Sociologists and psychologists will probably be analyzing the writings at MR and the taped comments from the Mad Dad. The latter now has been quoted as saying physical violence is not the answer, but he also said on camera that the call to attack Superintendent Paul B. Ash was understandable.

Ash is continuing his school diversity program that includes picture books for elementary school kids that mention and show that some families have two moms, some two dads, some led by grandparents, some adoptive and so forth. Mad Dad and the radio bigot are furious that the facts that there are homosexuals and that they can legally marry in Massachusetts are included.

The Mad Dad's view on tape uses justifications along the line that Ash "...has to expect that people are going to be extremely angry over what he's doing." Of course, the only ones extremely angry are the tiny set of extremists such as he.

Ash does not have to and should not expect that anyone publishes his picture, addresses, phones, along with instructions to hurt him. For people filled with such hate and illogic, this step to violence is not a big one. The MR site even tries to compare KnowThyNeighbor's publication of the public list of those who signed the petition to overturn same-sex marriage to the radio loon's call to assault.

It is bitterly amusing from here that both the pair who runs MR and the Mad Dad distance and differentiate themselves from the radio ranter. The difference is only one of degree, slight degree, and not of kind.

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laurel said...

Looks like Coalition for Marriage and Family (previously Mass Family Institute, Voteonmarriage, and other names) is gearing up to work with the Parkers of the region. DO I smell Focus on the Family money? They've launched an online survey (http://votervoice.net/Core.aspx?AID=548&SurveyID=1160&atid=11094&siteid=0&App=SRVY&GotoSurvey=True&TrackResponses=True&UID=238600&target=true&isVisited=false&targetID=22843554) asking the following questions

1. Do you have school-aged children?

2. If so, are they enrolled in public school, private school, or are they home-schooled?

3. Are they in elementary, middle, or high school?

4. Have you volunteered in the school (such as in the library?)

5. Have you spent much time with your children’s teachers?

6. Are you familiar with the books in your child’s classroom and school library?

7. Have you discussed the schools’ sex-ed curriculum with the teacher?

8. Is there an abstinence component to the curriculum?

9. Does your high school have a “Gay-Straight Alliance Club?”

10. Does your school participate in the “Day of Silence?"

11. If you answered “I don’t know” to any of these questions, would you like assistance in finding out more about these aspects of your local school curriculum?

12. If you have additional information to add to this survey about anything related to alternative sexuality that is currently happening in your child’s school, please provide details here:

massmarrier said...

If you head out to these self-identified parents rights sites, you'll see the urgings to undermine and take control of local school systems. Apparently, most realize they won't get their loony demands met at a federal or state level.

It's a chapter our of Saul Alinsky, so I have mixed feelings. Their motives are anti-democratic and malicious, but they are doing the radical organizing thing and have the right to do so.

The shame is that they want to control the rest of us for the nefarious aims.