Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Og in Fantasy Land

Pay no attention to the Og behind the curtain...

It seems that despite the repeated and current denials of numbers, facts and the reality that many of us rely upon, Dracut's Jim Ogonowski sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear.

I mentioned in a moderately sincere post earlier that he couldn't find a door knob on the bathroom exit. All he had to do to head for the ballot for U.S. Sen. John Kerry's seat in November was to cajole or hire a few lackeys to hang around the front of a Stop and Shop or three with clipboards, gathering 10,000 signatures. Make that 14,000 to withstand incompetence and any opponents' challenges.

He couldn't manage that. This raises the obvious question about whether he was so busy being a part-time hay grower for rich ladies' horses or he really didn't want the job.

His own website news section as usual has no real news. What supporters he has not driven away would expect to find a comment on his petition drive and any last-hour hopes. Instead, there is a yawn-inducing set of features about his TV ads.

The local papers are a bit more alert. For example, the Boston Globe reports today that pre-challenge tallies have him 82 votes under the 10,000 minimum. They figure reasonably that some of those won't count, so he'll be way under.

They do quote the Queen of Hearts " his press secretary, Alicia Preston, as saying "We are confident that we have the required amount of signatures."

Back on this side of the looking glass, the Boston Herald quotes fellow GOP challenger Jeff Beatty as saying there's fraud and other unqualified signatures, including those of corpses' and forgeries.

The poor Og may have to go back to his cave for awhile. Perhaps he should come out again when he really wants to play.

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