Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chuck Turner Coasts for a Bit

Boston City Council's new president, Michael Ross, turned down the flame on Chuck Turner today. He stopped the independent investigation the council started, citing the cost and a recent motion by prosecutors in the case.

The previous president, Maureen Feeney, had started the investigation. The council had no mechanism in place to deal with a member under indictment but not convicted of a crime. Turner likened this, in his kindest phrasing, as a trial and witch hunt, instead of an inquiry into process and possibility.

Feeney had also stripped Turner of his committee chairmanship. Ross said he'd continue that suspension, but allow Turner to keep participating in council and committee business otherwise.

Striking fear into the hearts of evil doers, Going all spongy, Ross also said he would introduce a new rule. When a councilor receives a felony conviction, the council would then vote on whether the councilor was still fit to serve. So, only the worst felons may be expelled, eh, Mikey?

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