Friday, April 10, 2009

Tuesday Winger Challenge

Expect either a strong message or a stronger exchange on Tuesday, April 14. LGBT and marriage-equality activist John Hosty-Grinnell joins us at for the weekly Left Ahead! podcast.

He wants to invite one or more right-wing callers to explain themselves. We've put out the call on several blogs, including those where he has regular trolls.

He’s the guest for the 2:30 podcast. If you want to listen or join in, click over to the show then. The call-in number is on that site. Be sure to press 1 on your keypad to let us know you’re ready.

John is beyond tired of the lies and irrationality of the anti-gay and anti-equality types. He says it’s past time to call them out on the craziness and have them take responsibility for what they say.

Whether wingers call in or not, this promises to be an intense show.

If you can’t get to a computer or phone at show time, check back at Left Ahead! or the show URL to listen later.

Until then, you can find John’s posts on Know Thy Neighbor as well as Live, Love, and Learn.

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Bill Baar said...

How much dialogue do you expect to get starting over calling people wingers?

California went for Obama and Prop 8.

Illinois went for Obama and HB2324 which had some ssm provision.

You get into these moral issues and you get some everyday folks doing hard thinking and voting at odds with sterotypes.

You won't get their dialogue for sure calling people wingers...'ll just get wingers looking for fights.

And perhapes its only the fight you're looking for, but ignore those everday folks at peril. They are the ones who will vote for the next VT assembly.

massmarrier said...

Well, you don't seem to be paying attention. He wants the more extreme caller(s).

Your fantasy that plain folk are just like you and think just like you is just that — a fantasy.

Moreover, the right with its bloggers, Coulter and Limbaugh types has long ceded the high ground on name calling and stereotyping. Whining about how dare the lefties criticize me or (gasp) disagree with me in absurd in that context.

Bill Baar said...

I'll leave you two to the wingers then...enjoy.

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