Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fast Firefox Plug

Just a non-political word to the wise, the new Firefox 3.5 browser released yesterday is worth the download. As Mozilla claims, it's clearly more than twice as fast as the old version. IE is slower as well as less safe.

By the bye, I keep IE on my boxes. Some sites require it for full functionality. However, I don't frequent old-school, browser limited sites.

Today's FT also got with the program. Its writers like Chrome as well as FF. They draw attention to leapfrogging IE's features with nifty touches like being able to play audio and video without add-ins or plug-ins. Slate's main geek, Farhad Manjoo, discusses the underlying technologies for FF's big jump.

By the bye, on a personal note, the 3.0 version of FF I had used did seem bloated. It also did not always exit gracefully, instead hanging in memory and requiring a process quit manually. The new one does not have that issue on my equipment.

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