Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not-My-Job Coakley

Alas, I want to like Martha Coakley as potential replacement for U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy. He's dead and she's lifeless though.

In our last couple of Left Ahead! podcast sessions, we commented on the various candidates, including her. As in yesterday's show, I can't shake that she has never really done her job as AG. So, we're supposed to think that because she's running an aggressive campaign for Senate that she's primed and ready?

This morning's Herald report is yet more evidence that she is not. It's yet another AG job that she has not done and has no intention of doing. So there.

Her comments include:
“Particularly understanding this is the middle of a campaign, we get lots of complaints from folks who are adversaries who have a particular agenda,” Coakley said, referring to the request by Menino’s challengers for a criminal probe of potentially hundreds of public e-mails deleted by Menino policy chief Michael Kineavy.
She behaved similarly with the scandals and charges around state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and House Speaker Sal DiMasi. In those cases, it was the feds who took over and did her job.

Coakley fairly leaped over the starting gate in the race for the Senate spot. She has long been angling for a bigger, better, more prominent job and seems to figure this is it. She snatched up Emily's list and numerous union endorsements. Apparently those groups don't care for performance, just promises.

Numerous critics and certain Senate-race rival U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano have noted that she has no public platform or positions, and no related experience. Coupled with her unwillingness to do her current job, I need a lot more than she wants Kennedy's seat real badly to consider her. Being a lethargic AG is no credential.

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