Monday, October 19, 2009

Left Ahead! Lateral for Capuano

Our weekly podcast over at Left Ahead! shifts from Tuesday to Thursday this week only to accommodate Mike Capuano's sked. We try not to make this a habit, but he's doing his full-time U.S. Rep. job as well as campaigning for U.S. Senate.

We stream live with about a half hour with him on Thursday, October 22nd. You can catch that here. We click on at 6 p.m. Eastern this week and expect Capuano to get to us about 6:20.

If you're driving, drinking or otherwise busy, you can return to the show URL or Left Ahead! to hear or download the show later. It'll also be on iTunes.

We've put in several requests with Martha Coakley's people for her to join us, but haven't heard squat so far.

Meanwhile, Mike is in the chute. He's a plain talker and we look forward to this. From 6 until he comes on, we'll discuss his background and record, as well as the race to date.
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