Monday, November 09, 2009

Capuano Captures Crowd

As no huge surprise, as it was his Boston rally, U.S. Rep. Mike Capuano rocked the Park Plaza tonight. The emcee claimed over 1,200 there.

I had a live blog at Left Ahead! and Kate Donaghue did hers at Blue Mass Group.

Going home afterward, I thought of what I told his aide, Monica Crane, when she asked what my impressions were. Over the continuing din of cheers from the crowd, I shouted to her that I admired the elegant way he timed his anti-Martha Coakley points and wove them into his statements and his answers to questions.

Those would be first that Coakley blew the hypothetical vote on the health-care issue. She was afraid to debate or even take strong positions. She is in weak contrast to someone who has done the legislative job for over a decade.

He didn't pound the points. He just made them and let the audience stomp, cheer and call out in chorus.

Conventional wisdom in this race says any and all of the three men running for the Senate seat would be fools to slam the sole woman verbally. Capuano did it and didn't do it. It will be intriguing in this last month to see whether he can make his big points without seeming like an ogre.

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