Friday, April 16, 2010

DIY Craziness

Tip of the toupee to the Daily Show for a recent lead-in segment on FoxNews trying to link President Obama's disarmament conference to Islamic extremists. The talking bobbleheads were too ignorant to recognize the standard Bohr model of the atom as the basis for the conference logo. We were all exposed to the atomic model in school. They were also so stupid that they displayed some flags of Muslim nations and pointed out they were similar. Uh, yeah, in that they all had some circles or arcs in them?

I propose that we keep an eye out for such inane comparisons. In that vein, I present my first contribution to Foxisms.

When Adobe Acrobat Reader did its automatic update today, the symbol on the installation gauge had the possibility in Fox-think of being like the old Soviet flag. Coincidence for a company based in left-leaning California?

Let's be dumb like Foxes. I'll present. You decide.

See the inspiration below.

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