Friday, May 07, 2010

So-So DOMA Suit Coverage

Alas, the local and nearby press coverage of the Gill DOMA suit in Boston yesterday is as colorless and lacking insight as I feared. This was yet another chance for great reportage and analysis of a seminal event by the MSM. Yawn. By far the best was the fastest, from Bay Windows' Lisa Keen.

  • The Boston Herald wee article did not even supply the basics and implications.
  • The New York Times report was better, concentrating on the federal government's role in defending a law it doesn't like.
  • The Boston Globe coverage should have been the best, but was not. Unlike the evocative writing and revealing analysis from BW, it turned to its wheezing norm of he-says, pseudo-balanced sort of journalism. They even tracked down the usual suspect, the head of the Mass. Family Institute, for an anti-gay metaphor.
Instead of history in a hurry, we continue to have missed stories at leisure. I'll watch for meaningful comments elsewhere, but as I've learned over the past seven years, for LGBT issues, start with Bay Windows.

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