Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lynch's FB Page Sparks

Divisiveness aside, the chatter on U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch's campaign FB page has to be good for him. Even Bill Clinton haters are engaged in a simple event invite.

His folk posted a notice that the former President would be in Southie at a fund-raiser leading into a rally. Looking through 22 comments early this morning suggests:
  • His people are reading his page
  • Many are surprisingly conservative for Boston (but not South Boston)
  • Clinton still hits people's buttons
I paste redacted comments below. The last names are gone (available on the FB page). I left the typos and casual language as befits the medium. I looked at the posters' FB pages and plugged in my estimates of age and such as reference.

What They Thought

Walter B.
you just lost my support.
Male, late middle age, white. No location. Activities: Going to Concerts, Pistol shooting, Kayaking, Riding My Harley.

Donna B.
Great news!
South Boston
Female, 40ish, white

Bettyanne L.
Good team I would vote for Clinton again in a a second We never had it so good when he was in office
Female, 40ish, white, likes Dropkick Murphys

Stephen F.
Well you will probably be looking at Hillary running, not Bill..
South Boston hometown, claims Chihuahua residence

Donna C.
Female, 40ish, white
Very liberal, works on a state rep campaign

Bettyanne L.
Your right but if I had to do it all over I would vote for him again Get out who we have we need to

John G.
President Clinton? nex tyou will ask OBAMA to Help you. Stepthen you lost my vote. Clinton is the main reason for this recession
No public info on background other than schools (Bunker Hill CC 1989)

Bettyanne L.
Stephen you will do just fine if people decide not to vote for you...You do what you beleive is right thanks to Bush and now Obama (Trash) ..We r seeing the toughest times ever..Hang in there buddy good choice you cant please everyone You will have more for you than against you watch and see...:-)

Joseph M.
Ronald Reagan is why we are in this recession. Clinton didn't do anything to help it along though.

I am definitely voting for Stephen Lynch even if he has a hack like Clinton campaigning for him.
Male, white, 30-40, arts and business degrees. From Dot to Milton

Steve L.
Steve,You have my support and friendship always (AKA Loyalty) BUT I would not attend this event. This"lieing president" was/is a fraud in the John Kerry et al tradition. Good Luck anyway !
Male, 50s, white, works for commonwealth

Bill W.
Who's bringing the cigars?! I agree with Mr. Long. Bill Clinton doesn't have a speck of integrity left.
Male, 40ish, white, Cambridge

Cheryl D.
I'm sure there are lots of us who would go ... its a difficult timeof day though.
Female, 50s, white

Jan V.
There are alot of former presidents that did much worse than what happened with President Clinton...and you cant count them on one hand.

Bill W.
Please , this guy is a disgrace and embarassment to our country.
Male, 50s, white, strong Irish-American identity

A bunch of us will get over there early for this one. When a President of the United States comes to Boston to endorse a Congressman in a primary race, it speaks volumes about the type of leader that the Congressm...an is.

This event is not about President Clinton or his political philosphy. It is about Congressman Lynch and his body of work that draws the attention of a former President of the United States. The ability that the Congressman has to convey the thoughts, emotions, and unique character of South Boston and the 9th CD to National leaders including our current President is valuable to this region and I look forward to being there to witness that ability on Thursday.

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend."
---Thomas Jefferson
Male, white, Foxborough, heavy enough to be indeterminate age, pyrotechnics company

Jan V.
i like him...good luck donna..wish i could be there. Met President Clinton once before, Linda and I at the Park Plaza...its exciting....Course, meeting President Reagan or president bush would have been much more exciting....yuck

Dennis C.
At least Clinton knows what we all have knowed for all these years. Steven Lynch is an honest hard working guy who works in the best interest for all of his district.
Male, 50s, white, South Boston

Bill W.
Ok, how about this my good friends! Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 for being a liar and a pervert! He will always be both of those. He can't take that back. Now , what if he offered your daughter a cigar?! I support Stephen Lynch but... please distance yourself from this pervert.

Sharon B.
Female, white, 50ish, Boston

William D.
Bill Clinton was still one of the best presidents we have ever had. Would you rather have the liar Bush back. There are other presidents who have done worse than Clinton. Lewinski was a grown woman she could have said NO, this does n...ot make the man a pervert. Bush should have been impeached for being a liar as well. At least when Clinton lied it didn't cost the country $747.3 billion. (estimated costs of the Iraq War). Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998, and acquitted by the Senate on February 12, 1999. The charges were largely partison.
Male, white, Greennville, S.C., hometown Quincy, 30-40

Bill W.
I love the way your liberal blindness blames it on a young female intern. Tell that to your wife. I suppose you have a daughter that you would trust with men of such great integrity. That statement about "no" shows your ignorance and disrespect towards women.And stop hiding behind that term partisan. It's way overused and inaccurate. It's a favorite of another liar friend of the working class, Barney Frank

William D.
I said nothing about blaming it on the intern. All I was stating is that she was a willing partner in the whole scheme of things. Although the way their whole "relationship" was wrong, they were both willing partners. I find it ironi...c that the man who started the whole impeachment procedings mr gingrich, later confessed that he had an affair out of wedlock. Yes what he did was wrong, but you say daughter like she was 5 years old. She was a grown woman, she knew what she was doing. They both did.Partisan may be overused, but it can't be denied. If the House was democratic controlled there would have been no impeachment by the house.

What Can We Learn?

Supporters of his Dem primary opponent, Mac D'Alessandro, may wonder how Lynch has been re-elected several times when he seems so conservative. Perhaps the flavor of over half those comments is a good indication.

Everyone commenting seemed to be white and middle aged. In other words, they share Lynch's personal profile.

Most have very strong opinions, particularly related to Clinton. While they are not in the highest voting percentage group, their passions suggest they will bother to cast in the primary. Moreover, that they commented and discussed so actively on just an event posting bodes well for the campaign. He has the attention of this group.

Both Clinton respecters and dissers indicate Lynch support. Two (Walter B. and John G.) are the exceptions, claiming this appearance cost their votes. One could surmise in a month and a half they would find other emotional bases for staying with Lynch.

Lynch is older than D'Alessandro. He isn't the savviest new-media user. Yet, his FB site seems effective. Mac has loyal supporters and a cheering section on his version, but he can't count on the Lynch campaign's incompetence.

Disclaimer: I have noted here and on Left Ahead! that we have invited Lynch to join us for a podcast repeatedly. The campaign has so far blown us off. We did get Mac though and hope for a bookend before the primary. Of course, we also hope for a Dem-candidate debate or two.

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Anonymous said...

Lynch? Ugh.

Anonymous said...

...we also hope for a Dem-candidate debate or two...

When will that happen? Voters deserve to see these two debate the issues.