Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stealth Candidate Homes

Surely, it's not really anyone's business, not even mine. Yet, I cycled past MA treasurer candidate Steve Murphy's house and noticed what was missing — a Murphy for treasurer sign.

I can't even qualify as a stalker. I live a few short blocks from hm and do labor up Fairmount or Warren to bike home. Maybe we should have gotten a place at the bottom of the very steep hill so the last lick home was easy.

At the bottom of Fairmount connected to a fence is one of those six-foot wide STEVE MURPHY STATE TREASURER ones. I think of those as postcards gods would send each other. Up the hill are numerous smaller yard signs for him — on other people's lawns. It's his house that lacks a sign.

That set me to thinking'...surely unnecessarily. What about other candidates? Specifically, what about the other Dem primary one, Steve Grossman, and the sole Republican, Karyn Polito?

Well, Grossman turned out to be within easy biking distance, 11 miles or so, in upper Newton. Polito on the other wheel is over 50 miles by bicycle, as you can't take interstates and have to meander to Shrewsbury.

I did look at her house on Google maps, just in case there was a recent image that showed a yard sign. No dice and my quirky curiosity didn't lead me to take the time and gas and tolls to drive it.

Grossman's home was not easy to find, wherein lies a commonality among the three that may account for none having signs for themselves. All three are off main roads. Grossman and Polito live in gigantic houses well away from traffic. Murphy lives in a much small house, but also where you have no reason to be unless you were delivering the mail or taking your evening constitutional.

Hence, without asking any of the three, I pronounce them not devoid of ego, but practical in not advertising where only a couple of neighbors would even notice.

Murphy and Grossman don't have signs. It's a good bet Polito doesn't either. Let me know if that's not so.

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