Tuesday, December 28, 2010

District 7 Reboot Chance

Horses to water, people to common sense...we can't make some things occur. Yet, the chances for good outcomes remain.

That came to mind this morning as I saw the DOT News coverage of the 16 who had filed papers to run for what was Chuck Turner's Boston City Council seat. Along with the cynical comments at the UniversalHub post on it, this gives us a whiff of what should be an important campaign.

First, the 16 each need to produce 191 verifiable signatures of registered voters in the district by the end of day Thursday, December 30th. Those who do that have six weeks, until February 15th to distinguish themselves for the preliminary. In turn, the survivors have another month, March 15th, to cinch the win.

I'm not in the district, but am interested. I'll find what I can about those who get on the preliminary ballot. At first glance, I still like Tito Jackson, erstwhile Council candidate and former campaign kingpin and cheerleader for Gov. Deval Patrick. I can easily disregard perennial candidates Althea Garrison (briefly held this seat a long time ago) and Bill Owens. They are the Japanese knotweed that always reappears.

I feel a bit Pollyanna-ish about this special election. Turner set the local standard for constituent services. Otherwise, the district could do with far better representation. Sure they elected him with a solid majority when he was under federal indictment for corruption, but that doesn't mean they won't pick the best, brightest and most honorable from their current choices.
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