Friday, March 04, 2011

Live Free, For the Moment

The solid, stolid GOP majority in the NH legislature wants to make a loud statement. That would be, "Homos, we'll crush you like roaches!"

Personal friend and, as Stephen Colbert would say, friend of the show, John Hosty-Grinnell joined Left Ahead! again this week. In addition to his righteousness and love of civil rights, he brought stories. He has a house in NH, has a state rep, and is there for political trends and events. Most recently, he testified at the hearing in the effort to strip homosexual couples of marriage equality rights enacted just over a year ago.

One might think that the Live Free or Die state wouldn't consider ripping back rights to any defined group. It has well over three centuries as colony and state in declaring and dying for personal liberties.

Click the player to listen in as John provides analysis, reportage and background.

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