Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sooner Rather Than Later

In New York, getting the same-sex marriage question before the state's highest court may only be a few months away. Meanwhile, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer says he will not intervene but let the courts follow their course.

The ACLU, which lost in a suit for 13 plaintiff couples denied marriage licenses because of the gender, expects to be first up. On the NY ACLU Website, the group states about its loss in Albany last year:
The trial judge there upheld the current marriage laws in December 2004. The ACLU has asked the Court of Appeals to take the case, which would be the first of the New York cases to reach that court. The court is expected to decide whether to take the case within the next two months.
If New York City does not appeal yesterday's decision to permit same-sex marriages, it will begin issuing licenses next month.

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