Saturday, March 19, 2005

Spinning in San Francisco

A lead plaintiff against same-sex marriages rushed a notice of how it will try to appeal the March 14th ruling declaring it unconstitutional for California to forbid marriage based on gender. The Allied Defense Fund (ADF) called the decision “a great disappointment” on its Website.

The ADF statement includes;
ADF attorneys had argued before the court that it only had the power to declare the state’s marriage laws constitutional or unconstitutional, not the power to redefine marriage. Nonetheless, the court granted San Francisco’s request to declare marriage open to same-sex couples.
Glen Lavy, senior vice president of ADF’s Marriage Litigation Center, adds, “We will continue to fight San Francisco’s attempt to gut marriage of meaning. We steadfastly believe that California’s Constitution supports — and assumes — marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The state has no legitimate reason to extend the definition of marriage beyond couples of the opposite sex. Doing so voids marriage of any meaning by opening the door to recognition of any intimate adult relationship.”

Those arguments received detailed rebuttal in the recent decision. Surely ADF has better ammo.

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