Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Discord in Concord

A good brief analysis of the David Parker hearing is at MassResistance Watch.

Also, his post-hearing press conference is available in video clips and on the Article 8 site. Perhaps the most telling quotes are from Parker and his lawyer about control issues. The mad dad notes that " son is very cognizant of the fact that his daddy can't enter school." A reporter asks the criminally charged dad how he explains this. "I told him his daddy's in charge. And he smiled."

Parker's lawyer used the same term. He intends to show the school system who's in charge.

The funadmentalist swaggering and assertion of all manner of rights they don't have is all too familiar. So far, the local school system has show guts in refusing to create special privileges for such folk. Now Parker and his lawyer are blustering about their pending federal law suits over this. This is one ratty little tail trying to wag the dog.


Boston Bud said...

I hadn't heard about the federal lawsuits, is it on the Article 8 site? I'm sure they will get laughed out of court since this is a local issue. I can't imagine what they would sue for.

massmarrier said...

About the suit, several of the news briefs last night on the TV stations quoted the lawyer as saying they would likely file a civil suit in federal court by the fall. They intend to sue Lexington, its school system and its officials.

The card they have exposed is that wheeze about the notification law. I also can't see any judge or jury agreeing that a picture of a kid in the kitchen with her two dads is teaching about sex. It is to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, daddy is in charge - he decided to sit in the principal's office and go to jail rather than acting like a rational father and being able to attend his child's school activities.

So daddy choose the news media over you, little one. Sad, but true.