Saturday, November 19, 2005

Healey Clotheslines Herself

In the wake of revelations of the Massachusetts GOP stealthily supporting the anti-same-sex marriage petition (but only to add contributors to their lists), Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey decided it was time for political suicide.

She sabotaged her likely campaign for governor by offending everyone. She announced yesterday that 1) she supported a constitutional ban on SSM and 2) she would support civil unions.

So, in a single fit of anti-elect-me statements, she:
  • Lost liberal and pro-gay voters (a majority here by poll)
  • Spit in the faces of anti-gay conservatives (a strong minority)
  • Alienated moderates who have accepted SSM as the norm and law of the commonwealth
Perhaps next week, she'll pinch a baby and kick a puppy.

She didn't have to do any of this, at least not yet. Our Cap'n Brylcreem has not said that he is stepping down to limp toward the White House. Technically, she is also not officially running for anything. More important, the Massachusetts GOP does not have a plank calling for overturning SSM here.

Unfortunately for the addled Looey, she chose a dead-end. As she put it, she favors letting the electorate re-decide this issue. Then she would try to patch things up by enabling civil unions after the fact.

On the West Coast, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tried a similar ducking of the issues by saying, "Let the courts decide." Healey is trying the variation of saying, "The courts have decided. Let the voters have another go. Then let the legislature fix it."

What a lint brain! Even Tom Reilly could outpoll her for governor.

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