Tuesday, April 18, 2006

That Big Hole at Forest Hills

There are no demon spawn guarding the entrance, but there remains something amiss at the Forest Hills T station, one of Boston's busiest. The hole goes not to hell (not really), but to the Orange LIne. It is where Charlie gates and ticket dispensers should be.

I have been biking to work, but not only is today likely rainy, I have a post-work dinner and would probably have to shower and clean my bike if I took it. Also, my front rim is out of true again, indicating that the wreck warped it. I'll be wise to squeeze out for a new wheel.

So, I took the T today, fully expecting that after months of decorating the station lobby as crates, the new Charlie gear would be operational.

But, nooooooooooooooooo.

A very pleasant bouncer sort of T employee stood inside the yawning chasm at the entrance again. He could only glance at what were probably passes and at what were likely tokens or accurate change tossed into God's cuspidor, as chorus lines of commuters strode through.

I asked him when they'd install the gear. He chuckled as only a jaded government worker can. "Well, they have been saying by May. Then they told us today. Maybe it'll be here when you come home."

Well, I won't wager on it. None of the ticket dispensers and none of the gate systems are in place. What's the likelihood that over a dozen pieces of electro/mechanical equipment will be mounted, electrified and tested in a single workday?

I think it's been two months since the crates appeared. They are still in plywood and cardboard.

I could get used cruising through an open entryway. There's not turnstile arm to hit the crotch and no chance of a token not registering -- producing the pelvic punch. I may have to amuse myself by stopping by every few days (walking my bike through the station) to see how long this farce runs.

P.S. You'd think as large as this conversion is that it would have been part of the contract to get guaranteed installation on a schedule to coincide with the component delivery.

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Uncle said...

Time to buy a wheel dishing tool? After a few fares, it's a wah.

massmarrier said...

It might work, but I fear the fancy, aero rims took the worst of the crash. Belmont Wheelworks, who loves to take your money for their excellent repairs laughed at the rear wheel. Their main wheel guy wouldn't touch it.

The front that has been giving me trouble was not nearly as warped, but the truing didn't take. I loosened the front brake a little. It takes a harder squeeze, but still stops well. This provides enough play to compensate. Meanwhile, I ordered another aero on sale. I figure I'll need it now or soon enough, given the roads around here.

Finally, my hand with the broken radius at the wrist didn't encourage two-handed repairs. For Lallement's sake, I actually paid to have the other trued!