Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Boston Crippled! (...and why?)

Shortly after the 9/11 tragedies, my sick humor was perking again. Following today's cartoon hoaxes that crippled our fair burg, it is time to recharge the electrons.

Universal Hub has a grand recap, replete with images of the offending suspicious critters. It followed up with the likely culprits. It kind of makes you wonder how they'll react if there is a real threat.

Here, in the Hub of the Universe, we can't let our long track record of being a non-target lull us. I offer the apparently funny-only-to-me We build 'em, but they don't come from five and one-half years ago.

The Globe, Herald, and Phoenix wouldn't buy it or run it otherwise. I like to think it adheres too closely to reality and is too inflammatory. Maybe it just isn't funny.

Next Day Follow-Up: Amidst the bellowing and garment rending, Ryan's Take puts it all in perspective. Let's not be too silly here.

Continuing, Logrolling Follow-Up: I see that Uncle over at Scratches has weighed and found wanting. He has a great assignment of blame and ridicule here.

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Uncle said...

Crikey, I swear I hadn't read you before I posted! It does look like most people under my magic number of 33 knew what these things were. That doesn't absolve anyone, because there seems to be idiocy enough to go around.

massmarrier said...

Yeah, yours is good stuff. That point about these lit-up thingummies literally hanging around in plain sight for three weeks does not bode well. Gov. Patrick and others saying what a great job the security forces did is positive risible.

Ryan said...

I confess myself frustrated with a lot of the so-called "reality-based" people. Reading BMG yesterday was... well... interesting.

massmarrier said...

Righto, Ryan I was going to post away on this, but you had it covered on your site and BMG.

The dual irony of course is 1) they were around for maybe three weeks, during which no one noticed or "protected" us, and 2) that other cities did not check their brains at the door, but instead judged case by case and disposed of them. We lack the sophistication and sangfroid the situation required,and will require the next time.

With the mayor and even the governor hitting the symptom instead of our dumb reactions, there's little immediate hope of fixing it. We can be the one city paralyzed by the tiniest bit extraordinary.

The literal types and libertarians will have their own, to me, bizarre, interpretations. It's good we have some common goals beyond that.