Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Podcasts: Bloggers in Your Ears

Well, Mable, I heard that podcasts are quite the thing. Let's do it.

Three of us started doing just that today, over here. You can insert your own attack-of-the-pod-people, iPod, peapod, whale pod and other jokes.

The first one is a little over a half hour, introduces what we are about, and touches on Massachusetts politics from a progressive viewpoint. We're going to tunnel down into topics every week. Next Tuesday, for example, we'll get into the state and local special elections. We expect to go more into this year's ConCon as well.

The players include Ryan Adams from Ryan's Take, Lynne Lupien from Left in Lowell, and me. We'll also bring along other bloggers from time to time, and sometimes host call-in portions.

Also, the Left Ahead! site will have the audio and some commentary. Both the sound and blog posts give us a chance to concentrate on progressive topics as distinct from our main blogs. Please visit and comment on the blog, the podcasts, or what topics you like us to cover.

You can see the schedule, listen live to a stream, or download from the archive at our BlogTalkRadio page.

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