Monday, November 05, 2007

High Dudgeon Lowbrows on Connolly

Forgive my bemusement over the panting and ranting about John Connolly's campaign cards. With nine City Council bellies tries to bump into four spaces at the bar, these could be a deciding factor.

It's still funny that the basest of us here in an allegedly hardball political town would get so exercised over Connolly's post cards slamming Councilor Stephen Murphy. To the Howie Carr types, sending these without plugging himself and taking credit/blame for the cards makes Connolly a coward and falls in the dirty trick class.

You don't have to look very far or far back to see what real dirty tricks are. These cards don't begin to qualify.

Murphy's campaign begrudgingly and belatedly admitted that they sent the cards. That was probably from the same bozos who decided it would be a good idea to send them in the first place. By the bye, because the cards did not promote Connolly specifically, they might as well have inspired voters to switch a vote from Murphy to any of the other eight candidates. Even though they pointed out Murphy's huge and true shortcomings, they were not an effective vehicle.

I remember a lot of years ago, I could count on Playboy for two things (well...three). When it ran a favorable movie review, I was sure to dislike the flick. Yet, a favorable jazz record review would invariable lead me to music that I also liked.

Carr is like that on politicians. If he likes someone, I won't. Carr uses dull-witted, wrong-headed justifications for pushing reactionaries and clowns. When he endorses someone or slanders someone else, the opposite is almost always to my way of thinking. Thanks, Howie-kins; that's more confirmation that Connolly should beat Murphy.

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