Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bush, the Un-Statesman

We should all note George Bush the Lesser's greatest pretense. I have been stunned that he supposes he can click his Lama booted heels three times and — Poof! — Peace in the Middle East.

That's where his pampered life and incredible intellectual and professional laziness exhibit themselves more obviously. It is far, far too little preparation, far, far too little diplomacy, far, far too little earned respect for him to even fantasize that he can broker a peace before he stumbles home in a year.

He at 61 remains the dullard gossiping in the back of the class while more curious and attentive students advance. He at 61 remains the legacy preppy/ivy who blows off the semester, counting on a single overnight cram session to get a passing grade.

Those in the related governments and indeed those of us in the larger world who do our work should not withhold the disdain. We can fairly snort at his daydream of a Nobel Peace Prize and a legacy of accomplishment.

It's too late, Little Georgie. There are too many failed tests and you neither know enough nor have the ability to pass this time. Neither Daddy nor Babs can finesse your way out of this.

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