Sunday, March 30, 2008

New England Crawling Toward SSM

Numerous times, I've noted what a thumb we New Englanders are in the anti-marriage equality folks' eye. Friday at Roger Williams University School of Law, eight panelists and a keynote speaker came at the subject in a symposium, The Culture of Same-Sex Marriage in New England.

I'll post a few takes on the symposium in the next day or two. Also, we'll kick it around over at our Left Ahead! podcast on Tuesday afternoon. That will also be available for streaming from there or downloading at our site anytime after the podcast ends at 3:30.

We heard from several key activists and lawyers, as well as the chief of the AG's Civil Division there. They made predictions on which states were and were not likely to go to SSM.

It addition, the main speaker and a panelist had very different but each very affecting personal tales of marriage equality.

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