Friday, May 30, 2008

Republic AGs Squawk Like Chickens

Ten. Count 'em, ten Republican state attorneys general join in a friend of the court filing in California. Hmm, I wonder just what could bring such unity of purpose.

Oh, right, queers are about to start marrying there, legally, on June 17th. Today, these AGs asked California's Supreme Court to delay allowing same-sex marriages there.

It's great, speaking well of the future of marriage equality in this country that I am jaded on this. Living as I do in Sodom on the Charles, I have heard and heard and heard again the squawks of chaos and disaster and paralyzed government and women marrying horses or at least multiple women.

The gossamer curtain these AGs try to befuddle and amaze the court with is sillier. They plea that "a postponement might save them from legal headaches over whether to recognize California marriages." These Henny Penny types hail from a range of apparently melodramatic states — Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah.

Pardon me, squawkers. Didn't you notice that we here have married same-sex couples for years. In fact, a certain New Hampshire shares a border with that scary Massachusetts. The horrors the filing predicts with visions of herds and hoards of freshly married gay couples...well, it didn't happen and won't.

Moreover, with Massachusetts having legal SSM, you've had a lot of time to consider the issue. I bet you even have a court system and maybe even a legislature to consider cases that require action.

The lead AG on the filing,
Utah's Mark Shurtleff, raised the unimpressive alarm over the likely November ballot initiative in California. That "would overturn the state high court's ruling and declare that only opposite-sex marriage is valid or recognized in the state. Courts in other states, as well as California, would then have to decide whether same-sex marriages performed before Nov. 3 were valid."

Oh, my goodness, an external factor that might make other states react! What a shocker! I guess California should freeze all business lest AGs and legislatures in other states have to think about this. Think. Think. Think. Like Pooh, what if they are bears of very little brain?

Ten Republican AGs and their best gambit is pleading not to have to do their jobs.

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