Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ensorsements Click, for Once

Yesterday's results are surely a singular occurrence for me. I have held high the losing slate many, oh so many, times. This cycle had my endorsements and predictions across the board. I guess I should just enjoy the moment, and record it.

To start, the flat-out endorsements included:
  • Top of the ballot, Obama/Biden
  • U.S. Senate, Kerry
  • State Senate, Chang-Díaz
  • Question 1, no
  • Question 2, yes
  • Question 3, yes
Up until around 10 last night as McCain's nose submerged under the truth, I feared the Obama slot. I have been wrong up top so many times.

For the ballot questions, the stodgy and narrowly focused didn't grok 2 and 3. The non-progressives at places like the Boston Globe put up a lead editorial calling for no votes on all three ballot questions. The very socially conservative views of 2 and 3 don't do them credit.

Alas, as Ryan recaps, out in California, Proposition 8 halting same-sex marriages is virtually certain to pass. That will set back but not stop marriage equality. I was not in a position to endorse on that one and knew it was unpredictable.

Now it is up to California to fight court battles over existing SSMs, as it is to New York and New Jersey to set up and complete their transition to equality.

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