Friday, January 30, 2009

Inside UH Podcast

Listen in next Tuesday for Adam Gaffin, founder and dynamo behind Universal Hub. All of us want to know how the devil he manages a full-time job, being hubby and dad, writing books, and running this complex, value-added aggregator.

Adam joins us at Left Ahead! for our weekly. You can listen live on Blog Talk Radio February 3rd at 2:30 p.m. Thereafter, you can hear or download the cast at either site.

UH has long been a must-read site for Boston area snoops and busybodies. More important, it has links to or reports on everything from breaking political news, complaints about bad neighbors, personal vignettes and photos, crime and fires... In short, events or commentary of solid interest to somebody is there. Much of it won't appear in the contracting and understaffed local dailies or weeklies.

While he's known to run what amuses him, Adam has a keen filter. He knows what's worthy of UH.

UH covers all the neighborhoods in and near Boston, with occasional nods to the North or South Shore flashes. Many of us depend on Adam to point us to the right places for information, insight or inanity. Local publications and particularly bloggers know that a snippet with a link on UH means a lot of hits are sure to follow.

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