Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Needs Guts

That Obama fellow needs to find his guts. He left them somewhere during the campaign...likely in his deep chest of ambition.

He was to be our strong defender of LGBT rights and civil rights more generally. He has failed through both cowardice and duplicity. Pretending he is so clever that he can keep opposing sides each and all happy with him, he is oblivious to that failure.

In short, he is neither decisive, nor a leader, nor even a civil-rights champion.

I was going to leave this all alone. After all, MSM and bloggers alike have been all over these issues, particularly the absurd DOMA filing in Smelt. By the bye, in addition to those few leader links above, important analysis is at the Leonard Link — the prof notes that beyond the smelly Smelt lies, there are two solid arguments against repealing it in this individual case.

The insulting benefits tweak was just too much though. I now thoroughly support people raising hell with the administration on gay rights, SSM and all related issues.

Obama has had his time, his breathing space, this chance to get economic reforms underway. Now your job is to let him know what you expect and how badly he is letting the nation down. At least once a week, in some way, send a message to the email, phone, paper mail or in person.

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