Monday, July 27, 2009

Sixty Seats...So What?

The disingenuous and specious wingers seem to be humming and looking skyward. Behold, mortals, Democrats got their big bag of magic in the form of a 60-seat Senate majority, and nothing changed.

A common ploy has long been to claim that if Dems have a solid majority, in a state or Congress, there's no stopping them. The monolith pinko wall will crush restraint and reason. Therefore, the wingers are wont to say, voters absolutely must keep a strong contingent of their ilk as balance.

Excuse me while I snort.

The reality is that between blue-dog Democrats and DINOs, the opposition is inherent in the system. We see that in many ways and very plainly in the inability of President Barack Obama to drive his health-care reform to completion. Over at this morning's FT, Clive Crook put it well enough, with, "If health reform does go down to defeat, it will not be because of Republican opposition, but because of dissenting conservative Democrats and disaffected moderates in the country at large."

Republicans really need a better argument than the absolute tally sheet. Americans aren't buying their ragged proposals and proclamations. It's time we all took note at this moment. Sixty seats in the

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