Thursday, September 24, 2009

Viper of Augusta Slithers

Apparently rolling the rock over the hole in the ground, the head of the Christian Civic League is gone. Mike I'm-not-a-minister-but-play-one-on-the-Internet Heath resigned as executive director of the, if you pardon, re-Christened now Family Policy Council of Maine.

After a month short of 20 years vilifying homosexuals and predicting widespread horrors following any gay rights, civil unions or same-sex marriages, Heath did the classic unemployed trick. His business cards now read CONSULTANT.

The Bangor Daily News reports that he'll peddle solar cookers in Africa.

From here, I find it safe to say he presided over the decline and collapse of the anti-gay forces in Maine. Under his steeled and incredibly dishonest command, the former CCL built its fund-raising machine on keeping gays down. They caused the repeal the lightest and most humane and most benign gay-rights wording added to housing laws a couple of times.

I guess that's something of note, like being the kid who kicked the most kittens.

Recently, the dwindling party seemed to give up, becoming a shriveled arm of the national Family Policy Council. It's an umbrella organization with barely enough cover to keep a single fashion model dry. It was not about to throw big bucks into overturning Maine's SSM law. The desperate National Organization for Marriage has been doing that from the mid-Atlantic instead. They are the present incarnation of a group that earns its cash from churning up homophobia and other hates and fears.

No-longer-CCL's statement on Heath's vaporization does not include comments from him and his last online column was nearly two weeks ago. His resignation came on Tuesday at a board meeting.

I'm betting the remaining crew has been really bummed that their revenues have plunged, likely along with membership. They have also been a non-factor in trying to prevent or repeal the SSM law. Heath likely too has gotten no response when he hollered, "Follow me!"

Looking over his outrageous, deceitful columns and articles on the used-to-be-CCL site, I can't say I'm sorry to see him go. It's good though that he held on long enough, well past his freshness date, to thoroughly cripple his former group with his irrationality, dishonest and negativity.

The state is not without individual fundy ministers who openly slander LGBT Mainers, particularly same-sex couples. What's lacking is a focal point for the hate. It seems our northern neighbors have advanced beyond the need for one.

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