Friday, March 19, 2010

Lean on Lynch Now

A small embarrassment in my life is suddenly unbearable. Congressman Stephen Lynch is playing the reactionary card again, this time in league with the worst in the try to defeat health-care reform.

Contact his office today or tomorrow to make sure he understands how this is not acceptable. Of course, I have done so.

You can call any of his offices:
  • 202-225-8273
  • 617-428-2000
  • 508-586-5555

You can write to him on the Congress site (for some queer reason, requiring the plus 4 of your ZIP):

You can root around his website too. There, you will definitely not find his latest lame excuses for trying to scuttle reform. Bizarrely enough, you can get his justifications for voting in favor the previous time this came to a vote.

Is he so dull that he can't see that the pros still outweigh his niggles?

I promised to praise a yes vote and campaign against his reelection for a no. Go and do likewise.

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Uncle said...

There's a 'mysterious' issue getting through messages from outside our hero's district. However, I saw that my own John Tierney is in the "undecided" column so I leaned--hard--on him. I have extra creds there, as we were once colleagues on various public boards. He never had a problem making his mind up back then.

Feel free to try him before the mystery issue hits his site.

massmarrier said...

Thanks for that.

Mike Capuano's nads seems to have shunk too.

We're looking at a huge historical crux here...and they're whining.