Sunday, August 15, 2010

Upenders on Down Ticket

The undercards, those down-ticket races are a very big deal in MA this year. Auditor is the least exciting of the bunch, but treasurer and secretary are particularly worth following and judging.

I remain an impatient sort. Today's (to me belated) coverage of the treasurer candidates in the Globe was most welcome. Even with its diminished circulation and diluted influence, it remains the biggest paper in the state. At the least other media pay attention and try to compete.

The piece does an entirely adequate job of limning the two Dem and single GOP contenders' positions. In fact, until they have a few debates, that may be enough for you to decide on your primary and general elections choice.

This race could have a lasting effect on the financial and jobs aspects of the commonwealth. I like this contest and have flogged it for quite awhile. A key aspect is that voters can choose from a spectrum of positions, from Karyn Polito, who wants to sit tight and be fiscally conservative, to Steve Murphy, who looks to leverage moderate state dollars for business loans, to Steve Grossman, who is much more progressive and activist.

These are big policy and money differences that require debates and some clarity by voters. Beat the drums.

Likewise, the secretary of the commonwealth is important and offers a real choice for the first time in a decade. The incumbent Bill Galvin seems to be playing rope-a-dope by lying low while independent challenger Jim Henderson tries to bring the fight to him.

Henderson says that the secretary's office doesn't provide citizens with useful information, doesn't use technology or even office locations to make data accessible and needs major upgrading. Galvin has not responded to Left Ahead's requests for a podcast, has not put any positions on his website, and seems to be perking along pretending there's no challenger or issues.

Perhaps he can make a solid case to keep him and his processes. We have yet to hear it and would likewise love some debates.

Meanwhile, we did our part. The podcasts with four of these candidates are at:
These are two crucial offices and functions with real distinctions among the candidates this year. Let the coverage widen and debates begin!

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nausetsunrise said...

Not only does Galvin's office ignore the fact that he has opponents in this election, but he ignores citizens who contact his office on a variety of issues. If these are the policies and processes you think he might defend, I find them rather indefensible.

I've sent two letters to the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Office within the past five months. Neither has received any reply from anyone in the office. One of the letters was with regard to the elections process and discrimination against handicapped individuals, specifically, a gentleman who suffered a stroke. Apparently, the elections division under Galvin doesn't care whether disabled citizens participate in democracy.