Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'scansin Scam

No deep digging required into the metaphor mine here. How about throwing out the baby with the bathwater for WI Gov. Scott Walker's melodrama?

(We're hitting this for a half hour today, 2/23 at 2:30 PM Easter at Left Ahead! Also, this pic is from MA statehouse demo supporting WI public workers.)

Even the fiscally conservative and revolution-adverse Financial Times (requires free registration) editorializes that the union-busting ploys of Walker are disingenuous, a pretense. Instead, it calls for keeping public-union collective bargaining and dickering on the benefits end of the packages, the substance.

Walker seems flushed with excitement and eager to lead the most rabid wingers here. Lackaday, he illogically posits that it is not the wealthiest and the biggest corporations who caused the massive and stifling recession. He would have it that the essential teachers and public functionaries are to blame for, well, getting paid for what they do.

Insisting in the face of statewide protests and open disdain that he is not only right, but intractable, he can only lose. That's good for nearly everyone else, but does not address the issues.

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