Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bloggy Weeds

While sentimentality is no more the self-description of bloggers any more than it is of engineers, in reality both groups are emotion heavy. Thus, I sighed a few times as I clicked Delete again and again from this site's blog roll. Using Edit was less painful.

Over at the left is a pretty clean and correctly linked list of Blogs I Read. I mention it also by way of apology for those who have found dead links there, the equivalent of a store being out of stock of what you saw in the ad that sent you there.

I've known for some time about a few of the bad links. A very small number belonged to the dead. Many more had run their political course, had gotten doctorates and professorships that led them to think better of putting their pinko leanings on display, some were bored or found regular writing too insistent or otherwise demanding, and another minor group changed service providers or blog platforms.

The latter group was both easiest to deal with and the most rewarding. Updating the URLs was painless.Some I had not read for a year and they were like old friends popping into a mutually favored restaurant by coincidence.

The current blog-garden weeding found catalyst in someone asking for a slot on the list. As I put hers in, I had to accept that I was in for an hour of pruning.

The list is current, with only one I know of that says the blog is to come. He is a good writer who used to churn it out. I'll give him some time for that one.

Feel comfortable clicking to the left. There are treasures.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank Cthulu, I wasn't cut...

Elias Nugator


massmarrier said...

Well now, you neither died nor became a professor...

Anonymous said...

If you saw my hit count, you might be checking the obits just to make sure...


Elias N.