Thursday, July 28, 2011


Y'all know what's funny today? GOP attack dogs are making Dan Savage look wholesome.

Sen. Scott Brown's political adviser Eric Fehrnstrom did the I'm-rubber-you're-glue routine in a pathetic attempt to wipe the excrement off (brown off Brown, as it were). He'd have it that the GOP, the party of adulterers, liars, and general anti-ethical behavior, is too good to associate with the sex-advice columnist.

In case you have been on vacation and not aware, of the 12-member MA Congressional delegation, only the only Republican, a certain Mr. Brown, could not spare five to 10 minutes to record a clip for an it-gets-better video speaking to LGBT youth. Of course that makes it plain he's an absolute, callous hypocrite, claiming to be for equal rights, until he has to prove it.

Piling on, Brian Walsh, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee said, "If, as the old saying goes, you're known by the company you keep, than the voters of Massachusetts deserve to know who Democrat party operatives are teaming up with to spread outrageous attacks on Scott Brown's character."

So, the outrageous attacks would comprise actually noting what happened, what Brown did and would not do.

Last September, Savage started the project of getting various celebrities in numerous fields — think our Red Sox and the POTUS — to contribute to short videos for LGBT teens. In response to the high suicide rates in the group, the simple message is to stick out the periods of bullying and self-doubt, because life will get better.

So when called out because he alone refused to join the Congressional delegation, Brown's response was not to admit his error. Instead, he had minions say he was busy on national debt and job issues. Oddly enough, the other 11 members of the delegation were too, but each found a few minutes to speak to teens in need.

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Brian Walsh: "... you're known by the company you keep"