Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Warren Working DOT

Have no doubt, Elizabeth Warren is no mousy professor. She owned Florian Hall in Dorchester tonight. Maybe 300 were there for a stump speech and Q&A. One 3-year-old climbing all over her mother made her little coughs. Otherwise the room was quiet...except when they applauded vigorously.

I'll give a full report tomorrow, replete with a sound clip or two after I edit the digital recording. The short of it is that she's getting better by the week.

Afterward, I did hang around, eavesdropping on her answers to the many who had to, as the expression goes, touch the hem of her garment. She did turn to me and I found myself trying to apologize for causing her trouble when she and I bantered about being labeled hicks up here in Yankeeland, after her 17 and my 32 years here.

She'd have none of it and dismissed the lame GOP effort to latch onto that. Oddly though, she'd remembered that I didn't have yellow glasses the last time we met face to face. Moreover, when I told her that her message was fuller and more fleshed out, she grinned and said, "Yup. I've been working on it."

It showed. She had been dynamic in the early version in August on her pre-announcement listening tour. She's even better now.

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