Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NH Stays Live Free (and Marry)

Despite the drooling anticipation by anti-gay/anti-marriage-equality sorts, in the end it wasn't even close. The NH House defeated the attempt to overturn same-sex marriage today by 211 to 116.

The heavily Republican legislature might have been fertile ground for a repeal of the two-year-old equal-marriage law.

Supporters of upholding the law have been ubiquitous this week before the vote.

NOM has made this a target state. According to the AP, that group is putting at least $250,000 into campaigns to elect or re-elect more anti-equality legislators.

Oddly enough though to those out of the region, the state whose motto is Live Free or Die is not so stereotypical as NOM might hope. Numerous GOP legislators favor equality and there is even a New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality.

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