Monday, July 23, 2012

Menino Calls Guns Out

My distant chums have asked me, "Does your mayor always sound drunk?," but I got to say Boston's Thomas Michael Menino generally makes a lot of sense behind his screen of occasionally jumbled speech.

Click below to hear him on Chris Lovett's snap on his take on guns after the Aurora massacre.

I've been hearing NRA lunacy my adult life. It's gotten worse year by year. Even now, there's preemptive advertising and comments from Congress members saying that just reinstating the assault-weapon ban and limiting mega-bullet clips is unacceptable.

Wrong-o, sports fans. Those are acceptable, desirable and necessary steps.

Our chum Menino has it right, as do many commentators and columnists. A nationwide limit on the physical, mechanical components that exist only for mass murder is long, long overdue.

I've been seeing and hearing how Dems and as well as elepha-folk cower in fear of the NRA and their minions. Let's get over it. Kick those fools to the curb!

Don't try to take away hunting rifles and the stupid pistol that make people feel they can protect their homes. The President has no intention and has shown no inclination to do so. The fact that most guns in the home only end up useless or used accidentally or in rage to harm or kill family or friends is not our immediate concern. Let's simply admit that we should not allow military-grade weaponry in the hands of you or me.

After Colorado Rampage, Menino Calls for Gun controls from Chris Lovett on Vimeo.

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Ryan said...

What really pisses me off is that as soon as someone says, "let's regulate guns so assault weapons can't get on the streets" the NRA lights up a storm and makes it seem like we're trying to ban all guns.

It's created one of those situations where if you try to legislate any kind of regulation to tackle even the low-hanging fruit issues on guns, the 'other side' treats it as if it's an attack on the rights of anyone to be able to go buy any kind of gun.

It's not only dishonest, but it makes it impossible to have any kind of debate about guns in this country.

We need both 'sides' willing and able to come together and decide what makes sense and what doesn't, but while people who want more regulation are ready and willing, the other side acts like liars and petulant children.

It is a failure of the system in being willing to allow the NRA this kind of power over government itself, with those in power willing to confer credibility to an organization (the NRA) which should have none.