Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Benny to Frankie With Little to Show

The vile Benedict XVI is sort of gone, but his replacement Francis is only a little better. Neither is a new testament Christian.

For serious immediate journalism, the WaPo has two takes — his politics and theology, as well as his politics with economics. Instead, I'm here for LGBT and women's issues.

Fundamentally, Francis sucks, except for a big up on  social activism. The dude is down on women — no worship roles and forget about priesthood in Francis' lifetime, no right to choose or even discussion, no gay anything including marriage or adoption, and homosexuality is too gross to discuss. Mentioning marriage equality is the talk of Satan, so there.

When I first saw that a Jesuit, in fact the former head of the Society, was Pope, I had a flash and flush of hope. SJ folk are the most educated of the RC gang and many can discuss big topics without bringing down shades of infallibility and doctrine. Not so, Jorge, now Francis.

The new Pope is hard-line conservative.

His big exception is that he actually is New Testament in social action. You know, help the poor, mingle with plain folk, accept the range of human conditions. There's a little room to improve the billion Roman Catholics' lot there. It's a damned, very God damned shame, that he'll exclude women and homosexuals from human rights. Yes, shame on Frankie.


Ryan said...

The deck was stacked to pick a social conservative, so I'm not particularly angry that one was picked.

However, the church could have picked a social conservative who didn't wear his conservatism on his sleeves... and do things like espouses his hatred on the radio or in public letters, etc.

They could have picked the guy who may have had those views, but at least wasn't a jerk about them.

Oh well.

Robin Edgar said...

"Fundamentally, Francis sucks, except for a big up on social activism."

Careful now, or you just might be served with an arrogant and aggressive cease and desist demand letter from The Vatican's American attorneys accusing you of sexual harassment of Pope Francis.

*If* The Vatican is as foolish as the insanely litigious as hubristic UUA leaders at 25 Beacon Street that is. . .