Thursday, September 16, 2004

Exit Polling

Two days ago was the Suffolk County election. Leaving the old-folks home where we vote, I found my way blocked by a pleasant cliché. The young woman with the clipboard had a pale, round face like a sugar cookie with raisins for eyes. She looked for all the world like the stereotypical cropped haired, stocky, man-dressed lesbian, as I looked surely as the stereotypical middle-aged straight, ex-jock WASP.

She was polling on a single concern -- how did I feel about the proposed November ballot question to start a state constitutional process to limit marriage to heterosexual couples? And was I ever ready for that one.

The eyes widened when I told her I had just solemnized a same-sex marriage, that I belonged to the Arlington Street Church, and that I could only see the institution of marriage expanded and strengthened by bringing same-sex couples into the process.

She felt good. I felt good. It is a nice way to leave a voting site.

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