Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Guys: Intro

Let's call the couple J1 and J2. They could share towel monograms down to the Jr. I haven't asked whether they want their marriage broadcast. So we can do the Ann Landers thing.

After the introductions on the lawn, I started the ceremony with the following remarks:

Aren’t (they) married already?

To us and many others they certainly are. Figuratively that has long been the obvious case. Since the elegant, elaborate and romantic civil union last year, to us they are certainly united formally — and sweetly.

However, it is an oddment of our place and time that they are among the first gay couple in America to wed legally today. Neither (J1) nor (J2 )is overtly political or confrontational. Yet today, they do what is right for them, what is now newly blessed by law, and what may inspire others.

(J1) and I have know each other nearly 40 years. His personality is certainly best characterized by his constant amazement and amusement at life, his own as well as others’.That brings with it an intensity and compassion that magnifies his existence. He lives for more than one and experiences more in a day than others do. He really lives more life than most.

(J2) has the persistence and naturalness of running water. He thrived in the potentially awkward situation of second spouse. As surely as cycling long, climbing Alaskan roads, he won us over as well as (J1). And now my long-term friend seems to be the wild, volatile one. It is a delightful transformation.

Because their relationship began in their maturity, they know who they are and what pleases them. They differ enough to grow and are alike enough to share pleasures and pains. They not only accommodate each other, but they learn from and incorporaqte portions of each other.

They are not the image of a melting pot, losing their characters into some indefinite medley. Insead they are an alloy,with the self of each evident. This material has a greater strength and beauty as a result.

This event too may be another alignment of the heavens. Their civil union was lit, unlit and relit by a lunar eclipse. This marriage occurs on a full moon. Tradition ascribes good fortune to such events. We have seen in dark skies and storms, these two make their good fortune together. A little superstitious blessing cannot hurt though.

Let us bless this new beginning, one more renewal for (J1) and (J2), and let us wish them continual happiness.

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