Monday, November 29, 2004

Passivist Judges

Without comment, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear 04-420, Largess v. Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Massachusetts. That petition sought to overturn the Massachusetts decision permitting same-sex marriages.

One cannot help but wonder whether the stance of the plaintiffs' attorney was ill advised. The filing asked that Court "protect the citizens of Massachusetts from their own state supreme court's usurpation of power." In wonderfully dramatic -- perhaps overly dramatic language -- it wanted to ensure that we Bay Staters could "live in a republican form of government free from tyranny, whether that comes at the barrel of a gun or by the decree of a court."

Among the counterarguments filed was that the plaintiffs have not shown any injury.

The Longwood, Florida-based Liberty Counsel filed the petition for 11 Massachusetts legislators and lead plaintiff Robert Largess, vice president of the Catholic Action League. This is the same firm that filed the pro-Ten Commandments suit, which the Supreme Court will hear.

Plaintiff attorney Matthew Staver offers quite a few comments on same-sex marriage on his site, including:

Will same-sex marriage hurt my marriage? No, but it will hurt people, and it will destroy the culture. That's what I care about...

...We understand this is a spiritual battle. At the same time, we're mindful of the fact that God placed us here at this time in human history. My ancestors did not foresee this day, but I do. Our Mighty General has called you and me to the front lines. He is leading us into battle and we must follow. I do so with joy.

I don't believe that's an allusion to Ren & Stimpy.

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