Monday, March 14, 2005

California Suit Background

A recap of how California got from San Francisco marrying over 4,000 same-sex couple against state law to a combined decision of outstanding related cases appears here.

State Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer let everyone from all sides with a pending suit or amicus filing take their best shots over the past several months. Some suits were filed in Los Angeles and others in San Francisco.

The fundamental Christian take on why Kramer's letting the conservatives make their full argument should be great is here. The follow-up article after his decision should make good reading too. I'll watch for it.

The legal background with numerous links is off a New Mexico rights page specifically for the California controversies. One insightful link off that page is to a Bob Egelko article in the San Francisco Chronicle on the surprising coalitions on con and pro sides of the same-sex-marriage debate.

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