Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Massachusetts Amendment Vote Tightens

The Massachusetts House has two more same-sex marriage supporters as of yesterday. In special primary elections for the 12th and 18th Districts, voters chose Linda Dorcena Forry and Michael J. Moran.

Forry is a shoo-in for the April 12 full election. She faces no opposition. Moran is very likely in his strongly Democratic district.

If legislators vote as they did last year, they likely will narrowly defeat the second, required vote to put an amendment to the commonwealth constitution before the voters in 2006 to replace same-sex marriages with civil unions. It is possible that conservatives, mostly Republicans, who voted against the putting the amendment could switch. They largely stated that they opposed any type of legalized gay union.

On the other hand, the fact that have been no calamities following either Massachusetts legalization of same-sex marriage nor of Vermont’s earlier adoption of civil unions has blunted objections by many.

In Pittsfield in Western Massachusetts, conservative Republican Terry Kinnas won his party's primary. He favors the amendment and does not object to civil union. He'll face Democrat Christopher N. Speranzo next month. the latter supports same-sex marriage and opposes the amendment.

By the bye, Pittsfield is about 51% Democrats to 12% Republicans, but unaffiliated are 36%. So no one is guaranteed the seat.

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