Friday, October 14, 2005

Maura's a Mudder!

It's about time Maura showed some oomph instead of just whining (and generalizing). Talking Politics points to her new and nasty radio spot. Listen to it here.

In contrast to her lame and tame mailing, this one should get voters talking and make Da Mare fume.

A pseudo-newscaster guy hits potholes, murder and test scores. This leads to Maura saying she's not afraid to tackle the hard issues. Meanwhile, Menino is voiced by crickets.

The only nit to pick with this hard-hitting, mud-slinging, old-fashioned vocal is the debate whine. By now, everyone knows Tommy is doing the smart thing in staying away from her strength and his weakness. This is a playground double-dare and doesn't fit.

Overall though, this is what she should have done months ago. Nasty, provocative, and in the tradition of Boston politics.


Brad Johnson said...

Thanks for the great posts on the mayoral race -- I've been linking to them from Blog for Boston ( You should drop me a line:

massmarrier said...

Surely you have my blog confused with Adam Reilly's. He's the one who cuts Maura an infinite amount of slack. I'm the one who says, "Show me the vision!"

Big up to her radio spots, though.

Thanks for the plug though. Yours is a good touchstone for all the races.