Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Speaker, New Day

Well, Bobby Travaglini is finally getting ready to stumble into the counting houses of his wealthy new companions. As the Senate President leaves, the anti-marriage-equality folk surely have high anxiety.

As early as today, under the urging of the other leaders of the General Court, he could finally announce that he is out of there. His certain replacement, Therese Murray, is a real Democrat, a real liberal, and a real supporter of civil rights. I really can't see her pulling the tricks that Bobby did to advance the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment in this year's constitutional convention.

She does not exhibit Bobby's fear of offending social conservatives. Unlike the Boston Herald, I'm not convinced that her being from the South Shore (Plymouth) means much.

As today's Boston Globe notes, there will be a triumvirate in the State House. With House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi and Gov. Deval Patrick, the opportunity to pass meaningful, overdue reforms and defeat regressive acts and amendments would finally be true. For nearly two decades, the myth of a nominally Democratic legislature being liberally reform minded can actually be real.

Let's all see if Murray's first policy statements mention and announce a course for marriage equality.

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